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The philosophy of Happy Donation

Many people all over the world don't know how you can to make ends meet financially. That's why a small group of visionaries has created Happy Donation to help exactly here. Happy Donation is a humanitarian project that helps all people, regardless of their origin, to achieve a better standard of living.

Happy Donation is structured in such a way that a start is possible for everyone with only 20 USD. This measure protects everyone from getting into Happy Donation with a lot of money.

Through the humanitarian project we also have benefactors who are happy to cover the costs of destitute people and so everyone can participate in Happy Donation. Happy Donation is very different from all known systems and very effective. All funds are monitored on a fiduciary basis and the system supports the growth necessary for success.

It is an opportunity of a special kind - an extraordinary program.

Wer der Einladung zur Teilnahme an Happy-Donation folgt, wird schnell feststellen, welche Vorteile Happy Donation bietet. Klarheit, Glaube, Vertrauen sind die Eckpfeiler der Gesellschaft und auch ein wichtiger Bestandteil von Happy-Donation.

Together for the sake of one another!

      Welcome to the people who make up this Happy Donation community!

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Interesting things about Happy-Donation


What is Happy Donation?


A group of visionaries founded Happy Donation. In the first version, people helped each other

to achieve a better standard of living. A few individualists have now modified Happy Donation

and the new version of Happy Donation will enable a worldwide humanitarian organization to
be established. 
Happy Donation is not a company. Happy Donation provides its members with
a free platform that is currently being programmed. This platform will belong to all members
of Happy Donation after completion.
 Everything is programmed so that there will be no
possibility that anyone, no matter in what form, Happy Donation can do.

Happy Donation ist ein System, das die Welt noch nicht gesehen hat!


The facts

1. you pay once 20 USD                                                                                                                                                                                           

2. further upgrades will be paid from the payments received.

3. no further payments are necessary.

4. no further costs will be incurred. Free use of the platform with Dashboard.

5. Anyone can build their team any way they want.

6. fiduciary monitoring of all transactions.

7. professional advice is offered on legal, tax and social issues around Happy Donation!

8. the necessary manpower for all essential situations is available.


The Start


1. you were able to get Fritz enthusiastic about Happy Donation.

2. Fritz pays you 20 USD / Euro

3. you have received the money and register Fritz in your dashboard.

4. with the registration, your account sends 20 USD to the new partner.

5. the account of Fritz automatically makes the first upgrade.

6. You receive 5 USD because you are Fritz's advisor.

7. 15 USD go to the first upline of Fritz.

8. Fritz now has an active account and can receive payments from his first level.

9. Fritz has laid the foundation for the development of his team.



     What to do next

1. Fritz inspired Ute and Eva for Happy Donation.

2. now Fritz receives 20 USD from both partners

3. Fritz sends 20 USD to Ute and 20 USD to Eva via the system. 

4. The system makes the first upgrade at Ute and Eva.

5. Fritz receives 5 USD each from Ute and Eva.

6. since Fritz is also the first upline, he receives 15 USD each from Ute and Eva.

7. here Fritz is the first upline and the tipster. Therefore he receives both payments.

8. The first receipt of payment to the account triggers the 1st upgrade.
9. you are now entitled to receive your payments from the first level!

               10. any further upgrade will be made from the payments received.




1. first upgrade with          20 USD =   5 USD to the tipster and 15 USD to the 1st upline

2. second upgrade with    30 USD = 15 USD to the tipster and 15 USD to the 2nd upline.

3. third upgrade with        50 USD = 25 USD to the tipster and 25 USD to the 3rd upline.

4. fourth upgrade with     70 USD = 35 USD to the tipster and 35 USD to the 4th upline.
         5. fifth upgrade with       100 USD = 50 USD to the tipster and 50 USD to the 5th uplinea

1. of the   2 members from your  1st level you will receive    2 x 15 USD =      30 USD

2. of the   4 members from your 2nd level you will receive    4 x 15 USD =      60 USD

3. of the   8 members from your 3rd level you will receive     8 x 25 USD =    200 USD

4. of the 16 members from your 4th level you will receive   16 x 35 USD =    560 USD

5. of the 32 members from your 5th level, you will receive  32 x 50 USD = 1,600 USD


What does it mean to advertise yourself?

You will receive 50% from each partner you have registered yourself.

The only exception is the first upgrade.

If the upgrade is identical to the level, you as the tipster will receive both payments.

Through your activity you support other partners in your organization. The partners

who do not successfully advertise in your team will still receive payments.


If you successfully win people for your team, you hope that your team partners will

also advertise. Unfortunately, experience tells us that more than half of them are

certainly not active for various reasons!

This situation has a demoralising effect. One hears again and again: "I have registered

20 partners and most of them do nothing. This is also the reason why many partners

give up after only a short time. Nobody wants to run after someone!

It is not without reason that the system is programmed in such a way that passive

partners also receive payments. This is where the Happy Donation automatism comes

in, which will be explained to you on the next slide. 



The Happy Donation Automatism (HDA)


An account that receives payments and does nothing is a parasite account (S-account).
No offense. But these S-accounts are also an important part of the concept.

As soon as an account in your team receives 100 USD or more in payments in one month

and the owner does nothing, the system will automatically register two partners for this

S-account. The S-Account is also the tipster and pays twice 20 USD for the new partners. 

What happens now?

1. the active partners are thereby supported.

2. the owner of the S-account is supported. Because he receives 50% of the two accounts

that the system has registered for him with each upgrade.

3. through this action two partners will be paid for the entry and thus these two people

will soon also benefit from Happy Donation. 

Happy Donation will grow and we will soon have 1000 such S-accounts in the system.

Then the system will need 2000 partners who will be distributed to the S-accounts.

This shows very fast the power of duplication. 



Werbeseite für den HD-Automatismus


There is nobody among us, who has fast times 2,000 members, who apply for a

membership! Happy Donation already has this advertising page. At the moment

the German, English and Thai languages are available. More will follow. 


The advertising page is used worldwide and any number of people can apply for

membership! There are more than 2 billion people in the world who have to live

on less than 2 USD a day. 


What happens now?

1. people register on the advertising page.

2. you will receive an e-mail that you are registered in the database and as soon

as a patron is found, you will be registered free of charge with Happy Donation.

3. We also use this database for patrons who are willing to allow several people

to start at Happy Donation via their account. 


This is the basic humanitarian idea behind Happy Donation! We are also sure that

there will be many people who will thank Happy Donation and then act as patrons

of the payments they have received. And through this Happy Donation will help

many people all over the world. Happy Donation will also do something for the

infrastructure in the poor countries! 


You see now that all this has a deeper meaning. 



How is all this financed?


A network company with a product has a commission plan in its marketing plan

which, let's say, goes up to the 15 level. The company only has to pay out the

actual positions and pay out the positions in the structure that are not occupied

actual positions and the positions in the structure that are not occupied keep

them to themselves.
It's the same with Happy Donation! Since there is no company here, all payments

that cannot be assigned to an account go to a so-called system maintenance pot (SET).


How can you understand that?

1. the Fritz is in the 5th level of the topmost account.

2. Due to the incoming payments at Fritz, the system is now making the 6th upgrade.

3. since the 6th upline is not occupied, this money goes into the SET.


In this system maintenance pot (SET), at least at the beginning, most payments will

be received. This is very important because this SET will ensure that Happy Donation

will be around for a very long time. 


All costs such as server costs, programming costs, consulting costs as well as the

costs of the data centers are paid from the SET! As you can see, everything has been

thought of and Happy Donation does not depend on anyone. 



What is all planned?


Shortly after the official launch of Happy Donation, the home of the Happy Donation

domain will be determined! It will be a place where no one in the world can harm the


In the second step, the criteria of the HD founders are determined. These are people

who have been significantly involved in the development of Happy Donation with their

activity and will continue to be so in the future. These founders will then later elect the

responsible persons, who form the head of Happy Donation in an honorary function.

During this time the legal form will be decided. Probably Happy Donation will be a foundation! 


The following actions are also planned for this year:

1.   Meeting-table concept - In every city there should be a HD meeting where members can

bring along new interested parties.

2. offline webinars in the larger cities

3. radio advertising, TV advertising and TV appearances starting in the German-speaking area.
  4. support for humanitarian events of various kinds.

There are infinite possibilities that you can realize with and through Happy Donation!

The most important thing are satisfied partners who carry the spirit of Happy Donation

out into the world with a lot of joy! Let us look forward to the future..



Happy Donation in a nutshell!


As a sponsor you search daily for people who can use Happy Donation well. This means that

you produce several payers/receivers every week.


You generate a spill-over effect yourself.


This is the fastest system in the world, because everyone helps everyone and everyone gives

15 times a payment to get a hundred times one yourself.


"Everybody only pays because they got it before! Once 20$ in the hand take and itself with

Register Happy Donation - Done!"


The end of need is called Happy Donation.


Do good and bring it to your loved one, because you can use it too.



Help yourself and many people worldwide by registering with Happy Donation!


Participation does not require any knowledge. Trust your advisor and register. All knowledge

then comes with the upgrades. You will be informed about all actions in your team. There is

no risk and everything is built real and serious.

All your data will be treated confidentially in accordance with the basic data protection

regulation of the EU (EU-DSGVO). Our questions and answers catalogue is constantly updated

and there are enough partners in your upline, who will support you, if you wish.


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Happy Donation needs you!   - You need Happy Donation!






 FAQ for the time until the official restart of Happy Donation!

Please see happy-donation.com

Thank you.